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Treatment for Adults

Treatment Solution Referrals works with many different treatment programs, from heroin rehabs to depression treatment centers, to ensure the long-lasting recovery for its clients. We take into consideration many factors when making a referral for someone looking for treatment. Adults seeking treatment often have very busy lives and may range in functionality and the amount of responsibility that they will have to leave behind to get help. Here are a few key points when you are choosing treatment options for yourself or someone you love.

Customizable Treatment Options

Treatment centers that work very closely in a one on one situation with their clients are always ideal. These facilities can tailor a treatment for bulimia, post-traumatic stress disorder treatment, or any other highly targeted issue. Treatment Solution Referrals recommends full-service residential and outpatient treatment plans. Finding a rehab that offers a good mix of individual counseling, group sessions, holistic treatments, activities, nutrition and a strong support system is extremely important to ensure long-term recovery. For someone with a more religious background, they may be interested in seeking out a program that supports these views and for others they might consider something that is non-secular or a 12-step program.

Continued Care

Our adult treatment referrals work with treatment centers and residential mental health facilities that are able to treat drug and alcohol addiction, sex addiction, gambling, dual diagnosis, pain medication abuse treatment, and many other issues that may be affecting your life or the life of a loved one. We stay involved from the moment you employ our services until well after the treatment process has been completed. Our substance abuse and mental health treatment centers offer a continuum of care that begins before the treatment program ends and helps outline a relapse prevention program to ensure lasting recovery. Aftercare often includes checking in with a counselor weekly bi-weekly and can sometimes be more intense depending on the situation. In some cases individuals may be interested in employing the services of a sober coach who attends 12 step meetings with them and is around for a more engaged support system.

What Type of Care is Right for You?

Making the decision to go to treatment is a positive investment in someone's life and it is imperative that you ask the question, "What is the right type of care for me or my loved one?" If he or she has been to treatment before, this time around the needs will be different as well as an increased desire for the program to be the exact right fit. A residential treatment program is perfect for someone who needs around the clock support or has had a prior history of relapse. An outpatient program that is less intensive might work for someone who is leaving residential treatment and is ready for less supervision. Another factor to take into consideration is the location of the treatment center. For some, recovery is a family affair and for others, it is necessary for them to get as far away from their past lives as possible.

Learn more about the adult treatment options by calling Treatment Solution Referrals today. Our specialists can help answer your questions over the phone now.