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Choosing the Right Treatment Facility

At Treatment Solution Referrals we are committed to providing you will all of the information you need to make the right decision about addiction, mental health, or anorexia and bulimia treatment for you or someone you love. We help you prioritize your needs and desires so that you don't have to sacrifice any services that you know are what you want. Our treatment network includes affordable, effective, quality recovery treatment options at low cost rehab centers that have proven successful for our clients over the years.

First, one of our professional addiction specialists will sit down with you and have an initial evaluation of what type of treatment works for you. This can occur over the phone or in person depending on the situation. During this process we will ask a series of questions to get a better idea of what the main issues are. Next we will explain the range of treatment options.

We deal with all types of problems including drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, mental illness, dual diagnosis, depression, adolescent substance abuse, sex addiction, and gambling, along with many other disorders. Often times we are able to send more information via email so you can look over the options and make the best decision possible. Lastly, we will help you determine whether the situation requires an intervention, detox centers, or if the individual can go straight into the treatment center.

What to Expect During Treatment

We are passionate about providing help for bulimia, alcoholism, or any debilitating disorder and always want the experience to be as pleasant, effective and productive as possible. Our values are rooted in the promotion of long-term recovery and we work with treatment centers that use a combination of holistic, medical and psychological means to help guarantee the best rehabilitation experience possible. An intervention can be a stressful process for a drug addict or alcoholic's family and friends, but we will be sure you have all of the information you need and feel comfortable with the intervention specialist that you have chosen. If a detox is the first step on the treatment path we have chosen together, the same thing is true.

Once an alcohol, drug, or eating disorder inpatient treatment center has been chosen, we will work closely with you to establish an action plan that goes from treatment into aftercare. In general the treatment center experience will include group psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy, nutrition, holistic activities, and the staff will include drug and alcohol counselors, detox specialists, medical physicians, clinical psychologists and therapists. A strong support system that identifies deeper issues is key to recovery and we are sure to promote this 100%.

Adolescent Programs

Adolescent Programs

Adult Programs

Adult Programs