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What's Aftercare and Is It Really Needed?

Almost all treatment programs offer aftercare to e...

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What's Aftercare and Is It Really Needed?

Almost all treatment programs offer aftercare to ensure that the newly sober individual will have the best chance at long-term recovery. Especially with drug and alcohol recovery, clients that are newly sober have the highest chance of relapse when they first leave treatment. One of the best ways to prevent relapse is to make a plan has specific goals over a period of time that identifies any potential struggles or road blocks that might be a warning sign for relapse.

Sober Living

A sober living environment or SLE can provide the type of support system and accountability that someone newly sober needs. These are residential facilities that people leaving treatment or newly sober can come to continue their sober lifestyle and have the support of their peers and a sober living manager. These communities promote a 12-step program and often times provide rides to and from 12-step meetings. In addition, counselors can help clients find jobs, housing, and other important life skills that might have been lacking before sobriety.

Sober Coaches

Individuals that have gone through the recovery process before and not been able to stay sober often opt to use a sober coach during difficult transitional times. Sober coaches can be used to escort individuals to and from daily life activities, 12-step meetings and can also be available to help with judicial or legal issues.

Other Aftercare

Other options for aftercare include support groups - both private and through churches or other institutions, 12-step meetings, day or evening care (outpatient), relapse prevention education and groups, and daily check-ins.

Aftercare is an excellent way to ensure long-term sobriety and prevent relapse. Contact us today to find out what aftercare is right for you.

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