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Tips for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment

Here are a few helpful tips for before, during and...

What's Aftercare and Is It Really Needed?

Almost all treatment programs offer aftercare to e...

Meth Has Horrible Effects on Your Life

Meth is one of the most addictive and scary substa...


Tips for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment May 29, 2012

Here are a few helpful tips for before, during and after the treatment process. These tips are for family, friends and individuals seeking treatment. If you have more questions please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or call or email us today. 1. Choose a treatment program that fits your lifestyle and your needs There are many different... more »

What's Aftercare and Is It Really Needed? May 29, 2012

Almost all treatment programs offer aftercare to ensure that the newly sober individual will have the best chance at long-term recovery. Especially with drug and alcohol recovery, clients that are newly sober have the highest chance of relapse when they first leave treatment. One of the best ways to prevent relapse is to make a plan has specific ... more »

Meth Has Horrible Effects on Your Life June 27, 2012

Meth is one of the most addictive and scary substances available because it has the power to change an individual physically and emotionally. It has a huge amount of power when it comes to affecting cognitive abilities, these changes in brain chemistry can lead to disturbing behavior. Meth causes the brain to release high doses of adrenaline. The b... more »

Bulimia is an Ugly Disorder June 27, 2012

When an individual has bulimia they binge and purge, upsetting the digestive system and putting extreme stress on their body that has the power to cause serious heart and other major organ malfunctions. Bulimia has effects the body by causing heart issues because the heart may beat irregularly when the body looses large amounts of potassium, sodium... more »

Eating Disorders are Deadly June 27, 2012

It is smart to learn about the symptoms of specific eating disorders because they are a very powerful and scary condition to have. Seeking treatment facilities for eating disorders in order to receive bulimia inpatient treatment is a great idea. That way they will also be able to go through inpatient dual diagnosis treatment centers that can help a... more »

Understand OxyContin Addiction June 27, 2012

When being concerned about a loved one’s addiction to prescription drugs it is smart to do research and learn about the ways that you will be able to help during this difficult time. Oxycontin is considered a narcotic painkiller and is an opiate because it contains opioids, which are a chemical that bind with particular receptors in our brain... more »

Pain Medication Addiction June 27, 2012

Addiction to prescription drugs is becoming a larger problem in the United States that it has ever been before. To treat pain commonly doctors will prescribe opiate, or narcotic pain medications such as Vicodin or Oxycontin. There are times when patients continue taking their medication as prescribed and become physically dependent. This is easily ... more »

Ecstasy Information July 3, 2012

Learn about the best dual diagnosis treatment centers where an individual can go to ecstasy rehab and bipolar rehab. It is important to remember that addicts have many options when it comes to the type of treatment they are seeking. It is smart to learn about what factors of treatment are most important for the addict to feel comfortable in their... more »

Opiates Are a Dangerous Substance July 3, 2012

Opiate withdrawal refers to the a diverse amount of symptoms that occur after stopping or dramatically reducing opiate drugs after heavy use. The main opiates include heroin, morphine, codeine, Oxycontin, Dilaudid and methadone. These drugs can cause physical dependence very easily. As time goes on the addict gains a tolerance and greater amounts... more »

Struggling with Detoxification August 21, 2012

A person who is struggling with addiction is reliant upon the substance of their choice to help them escape reality.  When a person is in the depths of their addiction there are consequences that arise because of the person’s addiction that affect the family and friends of the afflicted.  It is not at all uncommon for a person who i... more »

When Issues of Mental Health Develop August 27, 2012

Mental Health: Issues of mental health are sometimes hard to diagnose or even notice by those people who surround the individual who is affected by the issues.  Most often the issues of eating disorders go unnoticed and therefore become an issue of greater concern.  Eating disorders are not generally thought to be under the ‘Mental... more »

Alcohol Rehab and Cocaine Abuse July 3, 2012

Cocaine is a power substance because it causes an individual to become addicted very quickly. When the substance is snorted it causes the individual to be hyperactive, feel intense euphoria and pleasure. Once the high associated with cocaine wears off, the individual often becomes agitated, irritable, and uncomfortable. Coke intoxication has the po... more »

Affordable Treatment Centers July 3, 2012

Having the opportunity to learn about substance abuse is amazing because that way the individual will fully understand the consequences to the decisions they make about alcohol consumption. When someone is an alcoholic his or her body is dependent on the substance. An alcoholic has a problem controlling how much alcohol they consume.  Their ... more »

Heroin Addiction Info July 3, 2012

If you are concerned that a loved one is having a problem with heroin it is smart to find dual diagnosis centers in order to learn about heroin rehabilitation and low cost rehab centers. There are many individuals who dedicate their lives to helping addicts and the family of addicts to learn about what steps are necessary to take next in order for ... more »

Eating Disorders are Extremely Serious July 3, 2012

Eating disorders are one of the most deadly emotional conditions that affect men and women around the world. People with eating disorders in their teens, 20s, and 30s may develop fertility issues. The consequences of eating disorders can be long-term and serious. Some statistics show that 1% of American women have anorexia nervosa and many do not... more »

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Information July 3, 2012

There are many dual diagnosis treatment centers California where an individual can receive integrated dual diagnosis treatment for teenage bipolar disorder and cocaine addiction, for example. Understanding as much as possible about the substance that your loved one is addicted to is great because that way you have the ability to help through thei... more »

Oxycontin Treatment is Important July 3, 2012

It is smart to understand and know about the specific substance that your loved one is addicted to. The Internet is a great resource, but finding a drug rehab in Southern California to learn about oxycontin rehab treatment and non 12 step rehab centers is also a great way to find reliable information. Talking to a medical professional about the s... more »

Eating Disorders in Teens July 3, 2012

There are more to eating disorders than just going on a diet as a means of loosing weight or trying to exercise daily. Obviously there are extremes with eating behavior of various individuals, but is important to learn about the ways in which individuals attempt to gain control of their lives by limiting the amount of food they are consuming. Com... more »

Alcohol Rehab Facts July 3, 2012

Alcoholism can also be considered a family disease. An alcoholic has the power to completely disturb family life and cause destructive effects that can last a lifetime. Drinking while pregnant is a horrible idea because it can cause the infant to be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Obviously, the more extreme the mother’s drinking pr... more »

Dual Diagnosis Recovery Info July 3, 2012

It is difficult to take notice when your drinking has crossed the line from moderate use to problematic. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse can be affected and created from many factors, including genetics, how the addict was raised, social environment and emotional health. People who have a family history of alcoholism are more likely to develop drink... more »

Learn About Anorexia July 3, 2012

Anorexia is a serious condition, which is defined by excessive weight loss (as a result of extreme dieting) and distorted body image. Although it mainly affects women, more men are reporting which leads experts to believe eating disorders do not only affect women. There are times when an eating disorder will develop after a stressful life event. ... more »

Teen Drinking July 3, 2012

There are many reasons why teens may start drinking but a large one is that they are curious about the substance. Not only that, but when their peers are trying the substance they may feel the desire to try it, too. Excessive consumption of alcohol has the power to cause liver disease, as well as harming many other body organs. The amount of alco... more »

Night Eating Syndrome Info July 3, 2012

Night eating syndrome is an eating disorder when someone has a lack of appetite in the morning and overeating at night that is associated with insomnia. Symptoms of night eating syndrome are that the person has no appetite for breakfast and delays their first meal for several hours after waking, they eat more food after dinner than during the mea... more »

Alcohol Information July 3, 2012

It is a great idea to learn as much about alcohol as possible if you believe that someone close to you is an alcoholic. Alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows the function of the central nervous system. Alcohol blocks some of the signals of neurons that are trying to get to the brain. When this process happens it causes the person who is d... more »

Detoxification July 19, 2012

The Annals of Addiction:When someone is in the depths of their addiction it is very difficult for them to have any clear idea about what they are going through.  It is important for any person dealing with deep addiction to have some sort of intervention brought to them.  If left untreated the individual is risking their life.  When ... more »

Treatment of Addiction and some answers to pertinent questions. July 19, 2012

Dealing with severe addiction:When one is dealing with addiction it is important to remember that you are not alone.  Whether it is you personally who is dealing with the issues, or if it is somebody close to you there are a myriad of different options for those affected by addiction.  There are Residential Treatment Centers that can help... more »

What kind of Programs Help? July 19, 2012

When an individual is dealing with serious problems with drugs and alcohol there are many different programs that are available to help.  There are Substance Abuse Programs, Dual Diagnosis Programs, and Mental Health Facilities that are available to help an individual that is dealing with addiction.Substance Abuse Programs tend to have a well-... more »

The Different Treatment Centers July 19, 2012

Treatment Centers:Treatment is a process that allows individuals with serious disorders to receive the right kind of help to address their disorders.  There are Drug, Alcohol, and Personality Disorder treatment centers.  There are also Eating Disorder Treatment Centers.  It is not at all uncommon for individuals with these disorders ... more »

The Various Disorders July 19, 2012

Treating Disorders:In today’s day and age there is a constant struggle to define what disorders exist, and how they affect those who struggle with them.  Fortunately there exist treatment options for most of the disorders that individuals struggle with on a daily basis.  Anorexia is one such disorder that both women and men deal wit... more »

Options of Addiction and Disorder Treatment Centers July 19, 2012

Treatment:Receiving treatment is an option that should be explored by those who are dealing with any type of debilitating disorder.  When an individual is experiencing mild to severe addiction it is important for those affected to seek out the right kind of treatment for the problems they are experiencing.Eating Disorder Clinics are one of the... more »

Teens and Treatment July 19, 2012

Rehabilitation:When dealing with addiction there are a myriad of different ways to approach the situation.  First one must diagnose the problem and assess the issues that are being dealt with.  If it is an insurmountable obstacle then it is necessary to look into rehabilitation.  Some of the options an individual has to choose from a... more »

Treating Depression July 19, 2012

Depression:Depression is a terrible affliction to have to cope with as an individual.  Typically is occurs simultaneously with drug and alcohol abuse, but not in all cases.  Some of the typical signs of depression are: persistent sad, anxious or empty feelings, a pessimistic or hopeless attitude, self-deprecating feelings or behavior, and... more »

Getting Treatment for Teens and Eating Disorders July 19, 2012

DID:Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID is characterized by a minimum of two clear personalities.  These are known as alters, and they quite possibly can have different reactions, emotions and body functions.  It is still undecided amongst professionals about how to diagnose DID; rather, they use the symptoms themselves to asses the pa... more »

Types of Treatments for Mental Illness July 19, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD is an affliction that does require treatment.  Treatments for OCD do not necessarily guarantee a cure.  Rather, treatment can help reign in the behavior that is often experienced by those with OCD.There are a few options for treatments for OCD but the main two that exist ... more »

Affordable Treatment July 25, 2012

At Treatment Solution Referrals we understand that by the time an addict is ready to go to rehab, they may have used up all the financial resources available to them. This is why we have built relationships with affordable rehab centers across the United States. For the majority of addicts, treatment is the farthest thing from their mind until they... more »

Crack Addiction July 25, 2012

Crack cocaine became a major problem in the United States starting in the 1980’s. When it hit the streets it was extremely addictive and cheap. During the first decade of widespread crack use prisons were filled with crack addicts. Society had no idea what to do with all these knew addicts that would do anything and everything to obtain their... more »

Dealing with a Dual Diagnosis July 25, 2012

Dealing with a mental health issues and drug addiction at the same time can be overwhelming. Research has shown that a large number of people who suffer from drug addiction also suffer from some type of mental health disorder. When a person who is suffering from two separate disorders only gets treatment for one, the results are almost always negat... more »

LA County Treatment July 25, 2012

People often think that excessive drinking is not a problem, they believe that because it is legal, it is okay. At least they aren’t doing anything illegal. Even though drinking is legal, it still causes major problems for society, the person who is drinking, and everybody around them. People who are heavy drinkers can see their work performa... more »

Mental Health Treatment July 25, 2012

People who suffer from untreated mental health issues find it extremely difficult to be productive members of society. In the past people who had mental issues would be locked up in mental hospitals indefinitely, today that is not the case. There are various different options for people who suffer from mental health disorders. Mental health treatme... more »

Opiate Addiction July 25, 2012

When a person is addicted to any kind of opiate, it is often extremely hard, if not impossible, to detox without medical assistance. Although it is not possible to die from opiate withdrawal itself, it is extremely tough to get through. For this reason we recommend that people who are suffering from opiate addiction check into an inpatient detox ce... more »

Teenage Alcoholism July 25, 2012

If you are a parent, we understand that it can be extremely difficult to see your child suffer from drinking problems. When teenagers reach high school they are often introduced to alcohol, at times this can be innocent fun, however it can lead to serious problems. Teens that begin drinking can end up having problems in school, social problems, and... more »

Teenage Eating Disorders July 25, 2012

If you are a parent, it can be tough to determine if your teenager is suffering from a mental health issue or just going through normal teenage emotions. Here at Treatment Solution Referrals we recommend that if you believe your teenager is having mental health issues, you contact a trained professional for a diagnosis. There are treatment centers ... more »

Various Treatment Options July 25, 2012

When people think about recovery, their minds generally go towards 12 step fellowships. 12 step fellowships have been around since the 1930’s and have helped millions of people stay sober, however they do not have a monopoly on recovery. There are a number of different options for people who are trying to get and stay sober. Across the nation... more »

Southern California Rehabs July 31, 2012

There are a large number of alcohol rehab centers in California, Southern California has become one of the biggest concentrations of addiction rehabs in the world. People come from all across the country to recover in the luxury of beachside mansions and extravagant sober livings. The climate in Southern California is consistent throughout the year... more »

Dependency Treatment Options August 21, 2012

Treatment:When a person is struggling with drugs and or alcohol and they want to break the cycle there are a few options, but treatment will be needed at one point or another.  Treatment centers allow for the patients to overcome their addictions in a comfortable setting with people who are similar to them in their recovery.  Residential ... more »

Reasons for Treatment Programs August 21, 2012

Substance Abuse: Substance abuse is a much more common issue than it has been in the past.  With the next generation of drugs and alcohol that is coming out it is not at all surprising that substance abuse programs are becoming more and more popular.  There are more and more teens and young adults that are becoming heavily addicted to dr... more »

Treating Dual Disorders August 21, 2012

Eating Disorders: Dealing with issues of mental health is a tough thing to confront.  Eating disorders come from unstable mental health and can be crippling for those who suffer from them.  People suffer from Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge eating more than people are willing to admit.  Therefore there are eating disorder treatment cen... more »

Reasons Treatment is Needed August 21, 2012

Treatment: Treatment exists for all types of addiction and mental health related issues.  Anorexia treatment, alcohol treatment, opiate treatment and so on.  The point is that when you are dealing with issues of mental instability or addiction or both it is important that you are willing to seek help.  Willingness doesn’t come... more »

Available Treatment Options August 27, 2012

Treatment: There are many different options when an individual is looking for treatment.  A treatment center is a place that will be able to give an individual patient the kind of care and treatment that is necessary in whatever category of treatment they need help with.  There are marijuana rehabs, alcohol rehabs, heroin rehabs, etc.&nb... more »

Treating Depression August 27, 2012

Depression: When an individual is struggling with depression the world of the person suffering closes down.  Hope fades and positive mental outlook is not something that is taken to be a mind-state that can be achieved.  Oftentimes there is a need for individuals that are suffering from the debilitating disorder of depression to seek reh... more »

Treating Multiple Mental Disorders August 27, 2012

Mental Health: When someone is struggling with issues of mental health it is very difficult for the person struggling to find the answers by themselves.  It is necessary for someone close to the person affected to help finding treatment for the individual.  For instance, a person struggling with dissociative identity disorder will need t... more »

Mental Disorders in Youth August 27, 2012

Treatment: Mental Health There are many different issues of mental health that can arise in everyday life.  It is not at all uncommon for teens to seek treatment in order to regain a more normal way of life.  Treatment for teens exists for all different types of issues including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and drug and alcohol addic... more »

Affordable Rehab Centers August 30, 2012

Most people believe that the most expensive rehab centers will deliver the best results, however this is not always true. A large number of addicts and alcoholics have been treated like princesses their entire lives, and going to a treatment center where they receive the same treatment may not work. Surprisingly, the highest success rates come out ... more »

Dual Diagnosis Centers August 30, 2012

In the past when somebody had a mental illness and an addiction problem it was thought that the mental illness stemmed from the addiction and that if the addiction was treated then the mental illness would go away. So treatment centers would not address the mental illness and try and teach the addict the tools necessary to stay clean. The problem w... more »

Teenage Alcoholism August 30, 2012

For the majority of people, alcohol is introduced sometime during high school. Kids are starting to experiment with drugs and alcohol at younger and younger ages. Having an older sibling can speed the process of experimentation up. Due to the large number of teens that are being negatively affected by drugs and alcohol, teen alcohol treatment cente... more »

Treatment in SoCal August 30, 2012

Drug rehabilitation in California has become big business. Companies have realized how profitable owning and operating a drug treatment center can be, and various companies have been opening up rehabs all across Southern California. This is great for addicts and alcoholics because it is easier than ever to get into a drug rehabilitation center in C... more »

The Oxycontin Epidemic August 30, 2012

Over the last 10 years treatment for pain medication abuse has become necessary. In the past there was not a big epidemic of people abusing pain medications. With the invention of Oxycontin, it has become very easy for people to get their hands on heavy duty pain meds. Oxycontin is as strong if not stronger than heroin. The fact that a doctor presc... more »

Reasons Behind Eating Disorders September 2, 2012

The image that the movies and magazine portray as the perfect body is a skinny woman with no curves that can fit into a size zero dress. This image created a large number of problems with young women. In an effort to obtain this image, young woman have been developing eating disorders at an alarming rate. Due to the large number of eating disorders... more »

Bipolar Teenagers September 2, 2012

Forparents of teenagers it can be extremely difficult to distinguish if your child is suffering from some sort of mental illness or if they are going through the normal range of teenage emotions. How do you know if your teenager needs to attend a teenage mental health treatment program? This can be an extremely hard question to answer, which is why... more »

Eating Disorder Treatment September 2, 2012

If you believe that one of your loved ones is suffering from an eating disorder there is help, eating disorder programs are easier than ever to find and be admitted into. In fact a large number of insurance companies have started to pay for parts of an eating disorder treatment program. The first thing to do if you think one of your loved ones is s... more »

Bipolar Disorder in Treatment September 2, 2012

Most inpatient treatments centers have dual diagnosis programs today, however this was not the case 20 years ago. In the past society thought that addicts who appeared to be suffering from a mental illness would have their mental illness cured if they could just stop using drugs. This was the completely wrong perspective. In reality, addicts who ha... more »

Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment September 2, 2012

If you have a loved one that is suffering from alcoholism you have options. There are a large number of companies in California that offer intervention services. Getting an intervention for your loved one can be the difference between life and death. If you choose to get an intervention for your loved one, the interventionist will be able to help y... more »

Options for Dual Diagnosis and Rehabilitation September 26, 2012

Dual Diagnosis: If you have ever heard what dual diagnosis is but you have little knowledge of what it is all about, this will be an informative discussion.  Dual diagnosis is when a person who is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction also suffers from mental instability problems.  Treatment for dual diagnosis patients is typically ... more »

How In Patient and Out Patient Programs Work September 26, 2012

Finding the Right Fit: When somebody is seeking treatment it is a valuable part of the process to understand that success depends a lot upon whether or not an individual is comfortable with the place they are looking to enter as a patient.  Treatment centers are now more popular than they have been in the past.  Finding one that is right... more »

What Rehabilitation Is September 26, 2012

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is an interesting term that sometimes loses the value of how important it has become in the present day and age.  Rehabilitation is now a process that allows many people to recover from the addictions and using of alcohol and drugs in order to live a happier and fulfilling sober lifestyle.  Marijuana rehab&... more »

Treatment for Teenagers September 26, 2012

Treatment for Teenagers: During adolescence children struggle is issues of self-image.  Being self-conscious about their looks, behavior, and actions certainly drives certain adolescents to succumb to peer-pressure.  Not only that but being so self-aware of their bodies changing can severely affect their mental health.  There has be... more »

The Different Layers of Rehabilitation September 26, 2012

Questions about Rehabilitation: Many questions arise when somebody starts talking about rehabilitation.  What is it all about?  How does it work? Why does it exist?  It is only natural to question things that aren’t common knowledge to people.  However, many times rehabilitation is strictly between the treatment center an... more »

Different Types of Treatment September 26, 2012

The More You Know: Many individuals suffer from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  PTSD is a disorder that affects many people because of trauma that has been experienced in their lives.  There are soldiers, women and men both who suffer from this disorder because they have seen and or done many violent things, or have been the vic... more »

Seeking Treatment for Mental Health Issues September 26, 2012

Dual-Diagnosis? Having a dual-diagnosis is sometimes a liberating experience for those who suffer in a way that they just cannot describe.  When a patient is experiencing what is known as a dual-diagnosis type issue it means that not only are the individuals experiencing severe addiction problems, but because of their addiction they are exper... more »

The Process of Detoxification September 26, 2012

Detox from alcohol is one of the most dangerous detoxification processes that one can go through.  Therefore, it is vital that you are in the care of people who really know and understand what detox from alcohol is all about.  Finding a treatment center that also gives you the option and knowledge of detox is a benefit and can in the long... more »

Coping with Mental Health Issues September 26, 2012

Issues of Mental Health: In adolescents there is a rising trend of mental health issues.  This is a trend that has been present for a long time, yet it has increased in numbers as well as severity of cases that are coming to light.  Therefore, it is not a big surprise that both bulimia treatment and anorexia treatment have increased in t... more »

Where to Find Help September 26, 2012

Finding Help: When one is suffering greatly from addiction or mental health issues it is hard to see the lives of those affected deteriorate.  Finding help for people who are suffering is a major step in the right direction.  It not only can help generate confidence that life does not have to be lived in pain.  Rather, it can be cel... more »

Finding the Right Detox for You October 1, 2012

If you know somebody who is suffering from active addiction it may be the time to talk to them about entering an inpatient drug rehab center. When an addict enters an inpatient drug rehab they will be given the tool that are necessary to stay clean and sober and deal with life on life’s terms. For many addicts the thought of living a life fre... more »

Eating Disorders in Teens October 1, 2012

The world we live in today is dominated by the media, and the media portrays the perfect today to be a slender, boney, strait figure. This image is hard to fit for the majority of Americans and because of that, there are a large number of teens that are developing eating disorders. Some teens want to fit that perfect image so badly that they will d... more »

Teen Addiction Help October 1, 2012

In our world today teens are getting easier and easier access to drugs. Your teen may start using drugs innocently at first, sneaking a few of the pills you have in your medicine cabinet. Eventually this can lead to using harder drugs such as heroin and cocaine. If a person starts to use hard drugs, the earlier they get into rehab the better. In So... more »

Heroin Rehabilitation October 1, 2012

By the time the average heroin addicts decides that it is time to learn to live a life free of active addiction, their financial situation is usually in ruins. No longer can the addict afford to go to luxury rehab facilities like the ones that are located in Malibu, now they are at the point where they are looking to get admitted into an affordable... more »

Rehab for Street People October 1, 2012

Addiction can be extremely tough to kick, even with the desire to stop using the addict can still have a difficult time acquiring any lasting recovery. The longer the addict was in the cycle of active addiction, the more difficult it is for him or her to stay clean. Often people start using in their high school years, drinking beers with friends on... more »

Teen Rehab and Detox October 1, 2012

It can be very difficult to accept that your teenager has a drug problem, however if you see your child falling into addiction and you do nothing about it, it will be even more difficult for you later in life. If you can address your teens addiction problems before it negatively affects their lives and the lives of everybody around them, you will s... more »

Dual Diagnosis in SoCal October 1, 2012

In the past most treatment centers specialized in one thing. Today dual diagnosis centers are hot! The majority of rehabs are trying to offer their services to people who have a dual diagnosis. Currently the state and federal government are dumping money into rehabs that offer dual diagnosis services because they are proving to be the most successf... more »

Chronic Depression October 1, 2012

Bipolar disorder in teens is a commonly diagnosed disorder. Doctors today are prescribing a large number of teens medication because their parents believe that they have some kind of problem with depression. A large number of these teens grow out of their depression within a few years, however some do not. The people that have long lasting chronic ... more »

Dual Diagnosis Recovery October 1, 2012

Often people who suffer from a mental illness along with an addiction problem try and treat each disease separately, which usually ends in disaster. Case studies have shown that when a dually diagnosed person attends just a residential alcohol treatment program or a bipolar rehab they have an extremely small probability of becoming a productive mem... more »

Eating and Drug Addiction October 1, 2012

Often times addicts develop eating disorders after attending a substance abuse program. The addict can often switch their obsession with drugs to their obsession with food and begin to overeat dramatically. This is seen extremely often with people who are new to recovery, they switch their addiction from drugs to a new addiction with food. If you b... more »

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